Masumbuko Semba

I am an Oceanographer. I am using R,Python, and MATLAB for data analysis, data visualization, Machine learning, and Ocean/ climate modeling. I work at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology as data scientist and a PhD student in the department of physical oceanography at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the University of Dar es Salaam. My dissertation research focus on understanding the surface current dynamics using drifter observations and satellite altimetry data.

Apart from my academic research and data analysis, I spend my time working on data from various sources. I am familiar with various programming languages like MATLAB and Python, but I am a big fun of R programming language. I enjoy creating code to streamline my analytical framework . Coding is nothing more than telling a computer what to do in a language the computer understands. I love coding because code helps develop critical thinking skills and ability to glean right answers to problems facing the society. I enjoy the modern syntax in R brought by tidyverse and magritr that made easier doing data science in R.

I started this blog to share some ground-breaking analytical solutions using R programming language, a free but powerful for working data, visualize results and make report in multiple formats (Words, HTML, Epub, and PDF). If you have questions questions about any of the content posted here you can reach me by filling this form;


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